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مریم بیانی

مریم بیانی

مریم بیانی :: Maryam Bayani

وب سایت: www.maryambayani.com
نوع پروژه: طراحی سایت شخصی , طراحی سایت خاص , طراحی سایت تبلیغاتی
تاریخ ایجاد: شنبه, 19 دی 1388   |   Saturday, 09.January 2010
بازدید: 3074 بار

تگ ها: مریم بیانی ,Maryam Bayani ,Illustrations ,Graphic Designs ,Animations ,نمونه لوگو ,قیمت طراحی لوگو ,طراحی لوگو سپنتا ,تیم لوگو ,اتود لوگو ,تعرفه طراحی لوگو ,خدمات لوگو ,تیم طراحی لوگو ,طراحی لوگو ,لوگو و آرم
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Maryam Bayani, born in Tehran 1982, was graduated in both Graphic Design and Animation for her BA and MA, consecutively, from Tehran University, Fine Arts Faculty, and Art University, Cinema & Theatre Faculty. As firstly interested in character design, she started with caricature and kept exhibiting her works for about two years; some of her works were selected in Tolentino and Tehran Caricature biennials. She also experienced different styles in drawing which influenced her illustrations. Focusing much more in ancient Iranian arts, she discovered a powerful perpetual source of inspiration; the collection of Reza Abbasi museum (corporate Identity) was the first appearance of this orientation in her works. The pottery Tale, her first recognized animation, is a developed version of her BA practical thesis under supervision of Dr. Noureddin Zarrinkelk, Iranian pioneer artist, which was presented as her MA practical dissertation shows her deep inclination to her native art thoroughly.


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