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شاینینگ گالف استار

شاینینگ گالف استار

شاینینگ گالف استار :: Shining Gulf Star

وب سایت: www.sgstarco.com
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As energy analysts our task is to understand a complex reality, to simplify a confusing picture, to deconstruct the energy market into its constituent parts and reassemble them in such a way as to form a coherent narrative.

 The CGES is known for its well-researched, in-depth studies and reports on oil and gas issues. Our expertise lies in:

    * Oil demand, supply and price movements and forecasts
    * The futures market
    * OPEC policy
    * Geopolitics of the Middle East, the FSU, Africa and other oil and gas producing regions

We offer advice and consultancy, publish oil market reports and hold regular energy-related events.

 By visiting this site we hope you will benefit from our free energy articles, publications, reports and presentations.


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